Baked Mussels + Hard Liquor

This post is likely just long overdue. Last Christmas, everyone was ready to eat something different. My mom is a seafood fan while my father’s a whisky fan. My siblings and I are… Continue reading

Black Bean Brownies

When I first stumbled on this recipe, I thought it would be interesting to try. I am a fan of finding the right substitutes to our favourite munchies. After months of reluctance, (likely… Continue reading

A taste of Morocco: Spicy Veal Tagine

I am unsure if I should call it a tagine since I did not use the tagine. A tagine is a clay pot used predominantly in North Africa in order to make Stews. Now,… Continue reading

Clean Loaded Tostones

I have made this recipe over and over again but only a my house. I have yet to to test these babies on my Caribbean and/or Hispanic friends. For sure I will not… Continue reading

Turkey Sausage Rutabaga Pie

Mi amigos! I am proud to introduce to you a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner or a snack (if you’re freaky) which will blow your low carb minds. It is a fairly fast and… Continue reading

Tomato and Olive Tapenade

The moment I felt the sweet kiss of pinot grigio, my toes curled, my eyelids got heavy and my knees got weak. I was smitten by the aromatic and the bitter side of grigio.… Continue reading

Two minds are better than one: Working out with a partner

I always hated on working out with a partner. Mainly because it is fairly difficult to find a partner that is on the same level as you, without feeling like you will come… Continue reading

Zucchini Crust

I just know that I have so many that are skeptical on how tasty this recipe can be. Let’s face it. It is a substitute for a super junk food. Pizza dough without… Continue reading

Best Workout parks just outside of Montreal

My fondest memories as a child were outdoors and involved skipping rope, climbing, sliding down and running but usually had ended with scraped, bloody knees and a nap. Now that I have matured as… Continue reading

Post-Workout Breakfasts that kept me full + What you need to Buy – by Christine @ Mindful&Fresh #DetoxweekONE

  We’ve been BBQing, boozing, embracing the lazy days when we can afford them and all without having to live in regret or fear of regression. Progress comes with balancing your guilty pleasures… Continue reading