Color Me Rad 2k16 in Montreal*


For quite some time, I have been watching massive amounts of people join into the fun of turning race and/or marathons into a fun, colorful, party-style cardio event for the whole family to enjoy. For the past few years, the rising popularity of health management have left us no other choice but to take action before obesity or even the mere fear of, will get the best of us. Once again, for years, people have associated working out and cardio with painful, sweaty, clammy and crampy sentiments but it is definitely not. I have always argued that one should do what he/she pleases and if that is to get slapped with colored powder to keep motivated, so be it. The 5K course featured a bunch of different paint stations where runners were blasted with powder or liquid paint.


I have been wanting to savor my summer in Montreal by doing more outdoor activities while spending more time with people that want the same for themselves. For myself, my nightshift is certainly weighing on me and I want it to stop. I stumbled on a quote the other day about living a full life. The more you do, the more you live. If my whole life revolved around work like it has been (granted- I’m always know as Miss. Overtime), I may lose my shit.  I thought about it and I refuse to be watching my life go by in a flash.

I went on Facebook two days before the run and asked my fellow 200-some odd number of persons and got NO responses. My lovely sister would not dare allow me to go on my own and we both had an awesome time. Neither of us regret this random act of spontaneity.  I thank my sister, Carol greatly for attending with me as her company made the race that more enjoyable.

Whether expert runner or expert beginner, there was room for all types of backgrounds at this event and at the end of the day, we all look, feel and maybe even smell the same.




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  1. Ankur Mishra says:

    This is celebrated as a festival in India called holi, celebrated in the month of March each year

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